Error Code 0x800CCC0D is a common issue that occurs in Microsoft Outlook, particularly and Also, attempting to send and receive emails. Then , it usually signifies a problem with the configuration settings or connectivity of your email account. The error  message associated with Outlook error code 0x800CCC0D typically reads: “Unable to find the email server. Finally, verify the server information in your account properties.”


Reasons for this Outlook Error code 0x800CCC0D on Windows 10/11

Incorrect email Settings:

Incorrect Configuration settings, such as an invalid email address, the server names and incorrect port Numbers can this error 0x800CCC0D. 

Connectivity Issues:

Your computer is unable to establish a stable connection with the Last, mail server, error 0x800CCC0D may occur. This could be due to network problems, firewall settings, or antivirus software blocking the connection.

Steps to troubleshoot and resolve Outlook Error Code 0x800CCC0D While sending and receiving mails

Disable antivirus or firewall temporarily:

Antivirus software or firewalls can sometimes interfere with the email communication process. Temporarily disable and Also, try sending/receiving emails again. If this error disappears, reconfigure your security software to allow outlook 2021/2019 access.

Possible Reasons for this Error Code 0x800CCC0D:

Corrupted Outlook Profile:

A damage Outlook 365 profile can lead to various errors including 0x800CCC0D. This can happen due to software conflicts, improper shutdowns, or other unforeseen issues.

Email account authentication problems:

If your email account credentials are incorrect or expired, If you may encounter this error code 0x800CCC0D while sending and receiving mails.

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve Error code 0x800CCC0D in Outlook          2021/2019/365

Repair your Outlook profile: 

If the error 0x800CC0D persists, it might be worth repairing your Outlook profile. And this can be done by Going to the Control Panel, selecting the Mail option, and choosing “Show Profiles. If you can add a new profile or repair the existing one.

Verify email account credentials:

Double-check the username and password for your email account. They are correct and haven’t expired. and reset your password through your email service provider’s website and update the credentials in Outlook.

Contact your email service provider: 

It fails get in touch with your email service provider’s support team. If it can be provide specific guidance and verify if there are any known server issues affecting your account.




Error 0x800CCC0D in Microsoft 365 Outlook and then be frustrating, in to the right troubleshooting steps, you can overcome it. If you’re unable to fix the error on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to your email service provider’s support team for assistance. 



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This problem is caused by incorrect account settings, which stop you from sending or receiving emails. If Outlook users encounter the error 0x800ccc0d, the following message appears on the screen. 

Choose Account Settings > Account Settings. On the Email tab, choose your account , and then choose Repair.

IMAP is used to retrieve messages, and SMTP is for sending data. IMAP works between the server and client for communication, and SMTP works between servers to transfer information.

Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) is a standard protocol used by email clients to retrieve email messages from a mail server POP3 only supports one-way email synchronization, only allowing users to download emails from a server to a client.

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